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What is all this walking all about?


South Manchester Muslim Walking Group was set up in 2018 and in

South Manchester Muslim Walking Group was set up in 2018 to encourage people (Muslims and non-Muslims, people from South Manchester as well as outside it) to come together with 3 main purposes

  1. To improve your own health and well being, reduce stress, reduce risk of developing diabetes or help to manage it better and other long term conditions, and reduce musculoskeletal problems

  2. To bring families together as walking is one of the best things almost everybody can enjoy including children, spouses, parents, grandparents and others too

  3. To introduce families to one another so we increase the bonds between us as well

Over 400 people have been on walks with us. We have walked in all sorts of places from short walks in a park to climbing the highest mountain In England (Scafell Pike) and in Wales (Snowdon), along the coastline, in National Trust parks, in towns and cities in Greater Manchester.

We do walks now every Saturday and Sunday of different types to cater for lots of different types of people with all kinds of abilities from flat walks to climbing Snowdon in Wales and Scafell Pike (tallest mountain in England). We also have fun walks sometimes which include meeting somewhere to eat afterwards and celebrating the end of Eid too as well as a party in the Park in the summer. In Ramadan, we arrange to meet in the mosque for Zuhr and then go for a short walk afterwards too.


You can see where we have been by visiting our facebook page and our albums section.

We also have an Instagram page too where you can see photos and nasheeds together.

We have an admin team which includes Amir, Amna, Rizwana, Furheen Tayyauba, Rehaan, Ayaz, Shahid and Monwara. You can learn more about us here.

In this time, a few people have written blogs to share their experiences with others and how much they have enjoyed it.

So if you have been inspired then why don't you share your thoughts here so others can learn too from you?

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