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Car Sharing or use of Minibus

The Principles

  1. Safety first for driver and also for the passengers

  2. Price - not excessive and not free either

  3. Time - it should not become an excessive burden

  4. Easy - simple to understand

  5. Valued - not taken for granted or assume anything

  6. Commitment - there is an agreement / understanding between driver and passengers

  7. Respectful - if somebody wants or does not want to provide a journey then let it be. There should be no pressure placed on doing something. It should be optional and have regard for each other as well as ensuring you take care of property

  8. Minibus is better than private car sharing because all risks and expectations are with the firm offering the service and there is no risk of people falling out if expectations are not met even if it works out more expensive. However whilst this is the gold standard, it may not always be appropriate and hence why we need these principles for an alternative

Agree who the driver is willing to take

  • Eg just sisters or brothers

  • Men with their wives or sisters

  • Children

  • If more than one person in the car then does that change things

  • Who will sit where in the car

Agree with the driver who will go

  • Provide the name and contact details to the driver

  • Agree how many people are coming

Agree a price for a journey which is non-negotiable irrespective of age eg

  • 200 miles £20 per passenger

  • 100  miles £10 per passenger

  • 50 miles or less £5 per passenger

  • The payment is for fuel / charging, wear and tear and the inconvenience of having to pick and drop people off. This is a voluntary act with no comeback if there is an accident or car is broken into. You are simply traveling as a group of friends and no extra liability may be assumed by either the driver or the passenger.  If the driver does not wish to take the money then they are free to donate it but the payment must be made so that it is fair for all

  • The cost of car parking or any other costs should be agreed (and may be included in the price or paid extra)

Agree how payment will be made

  • Pay directly to the driver either 24 hours before hand or on the day itself 

  • Can cancel up to 24 hours before the day otherwise you have to pay whether you go or not

  • If you do not pay then you cannot go on another walk until payment has been made

Agree a place to meet

  • Not your house (do you really want complete strangers to know where you live or to use your toilets etc 

  • Use “What 3 Words” to agree a specific place

  • Consider a place near a tram stop ideally for all people to meet at an agreed time so people can get there by tram or be dropped off there or park their car nearby and join you.

Agree a time to meet

  • Fix a time and ensure all people arrive at least 10 minutes before the allotted time

  • Driver leaves at the precise time that has been agreed and sends a message when left 

Agree if driver cancels

  • Driver should give at least 48 hours notice so that passengers can arrange alternative transport in the unlikely event that the driver has to cancel

  • Driver must refund all the money given within 24 hours (ideally as soon as possible) of deciding to cancel the journey

Return journey

  • Whilst people traveling  together may wish to walk together too, this may not always be possible or appropriate

  • Please consider the comfort of others so try to get back to the car before the driver or at a fixed time.

  • Most of the time, the group sticks together and all return together.


  • The car should be reasonably clean, taxed, insured, road worthy 

  • No smoking in the car

  • Bring a spare pair of clean shoes

  • Bring a bag to keep dirty shoes or clothing

  • Maintain good personal hygiene eg deodorant

  • Check if driver is happy for you to eat in the car

  • If there is a disagreement then please contact a member of the Admin team

  • South Manchester Muslim Walking Group cannot take responsbility for any disagreements but will help to try to find a compromise if this arises so long as the above rules are taken into consideration

  • If repeat offenders keep canceling then after 3 attempts, they will be barred from booking a walk

To be reviewed 6th December 2022

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