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Travelling across Greater Manchester using the Bee Network

Travelling in a sustainable  way

Since starting in 2018, we have encouraged people to go walking and hiking to many places around Manchester and beyond. However one problem we have often encountered is how to help those who do not have access to a car. We do have a car sharing policy but this has proven not to be very successful. In an attempt to help more people to enjoy the walks and for us to do this in a way that is kind to the environment too. 

We are also going to launch a series of walks after Ramadan which will actively encourage people to either "park and ride" or start from a tram stop and finish at another tram stop to make them more accessible to all.

Travelling by bus and tram may be a "new experience" for some people and hence we thought we would provide you with some information on how to get the best from the Bee network. You can literally put your location in and it will automatically tell you waht buses and trams you will need to get close to the walk.

We recommend for any individual walks, you get as close to the walk as possible and then ask if somebody can pick you from there to take you close to the walk. We think the chances of enabling you to go to the walk will be greater and of course an opportunity for you to connect and meet others too. 

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