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My walk to Black Stone Edge

On Sunday the 28th of January 10am Maqsood Ahmad invited me to go on a 10 mile with a group of people and a guide to Black Stone Edge. Me and Maqsood went to a shop to buy some refreshments for the walk so we can get energized. We started at Hollingworth Lake and waited for a while because a people were coming along in this walk. Before we started the walk the guide came along and we all introduced ourselves to the group that was here for the walk then after that the guide explained everything to us where we were going and how long the walk was to black stone edge.

 So, we took off at 11am and started to walk their before we did the actual walk we went to the small café and checked if we needed to go to the bathroom or if they needed to go to the toilet before the actual walk. We went off on our journey to black stone edge the view there was amazing because when it got around 1pm we stopped and had our food we packed in our bags and some people went to prey in the mountains. While we were walking me, and a few people stopped by to take pictures of the view.

 The walk was good because it was helpful for my mental health also it was good for burning a lot of calories too. When we walked to black stone edge it strengthens the heart and improves your cardiovascular. It reduces the risk of heart diseases by lowering blood pressure, improving blood circulation, and reducing cholesterol levels.

 A family came with us on the walk to black stone edge and the kids really enjoyed themselves especially when someone took out their drone and took picture and videos of us in the walk. For me I found the walk was good and awesome to because I met a few new people and stated to talk to them along the way. When we got to the end a few people were tired and few were not but everyone in the walk had a great time. At the end of the day I checked and looked and how many steps and calories I burned off today, I did 27,228 steps on Sunday and I burned 988 calories too, I was ecstatic when I did that because I didn’t expect to walk that much and burn a lot of calories too.

Bilal Ahmed

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