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South Manchester Muslim Walking Group

Walking the Right Way

Welcome to South Manchester Muslims Walking Group. Our main goal is to go walking with local Muslim families and others from Hale / Hale Barns / Bowdon / Timperley / Sale and other surrounding areas.

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South Manchester Muslim Walking Group
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Route: Wild Bank, Swineshaw and Walkerwood, Saturday 24th February 2024

It was my first time going for a walk on a route surrounding spectacular views and my first time joining a walking group.

I came across this group through searching for local walking groups on Facebook as I wanted to explore nature and get in to fitness. The difference between this group and others was that it was aimed at all age groups, singles, families, ethnicities, backgrounds, along with maintaining a Muslim outlook. It was well organised and informed, professional, and efficiently advertised in advance through various social platforms including Facebook, Telegram, Website, and WhatsApp.

Dr Amir and his team were approachable, took care of all the attendees, made us all feel equally inclusive and safe. Dr Amir led the group enthusiastically and ensured we took breaks at regular intervals, captured stunning pictures and videos, and absorbed the breathtaking views whilst interacting with all the attendees. They also advised the attendees in locating a carpark nearby which was helpful.

Although this group was based within Manchester and surrounding areas, I felt it was well worth my drive from the Midlands (1 hour drive) to attend the walk. Overall, I would rate this experience a solid 10/10; it will be a memorable experience for me and an activity I will regularly engage in.  

I would highly recommend joining this group if you’re looking for a lovely and safe group, and interested in boosting your mood, improve physical, brain and cognitive health, increasing your social circle, finding an antidote for stress, or a great total-body workout all whilst immersing yourself in Allah’s beautiful creation.

May Allah highly reward Dr Amir and his team for organising this great community-focused initiative with their altruistically motivated work. Although the event was free of cost, I would surely be happy to pay to attend that’s how good it was!

Note: I don’t usually share pictures on public platforms but had to share the spectacular view below to add to the motivation. 😊 You can see further photos and videos from the walk on our facebook page too.

~ Kiren Hussain, a new group member

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Our Story

Since the establishment of South Manchester Muslims Walking Group in December 2018, the aim of this group has been to help bring Muslims living in Manchester and the surrounding areas together to go for regular walks within local beautiful natural surroundings to improve our health and wellbeing, as well as to build and expand good relationships between us. 

All individuals, couples, families, Muslim reverts, and single/divorcees of any age group seeking marriage are welcome to join. Non-Muslims are welcome to join too.

For further information about the group, please do not hesitate to contact us on


Mushtaq Welfare Trust

South Manchester Muslim Walking Group are proud to raise money for a charity for orphans girls in Pakistan. Educate a man and you 

They are proud to announce the results of their Year 10 Metric class 2020! They have all done brilliantly well and achieved scores within the First Division ( A* & A grades) out of 1100, with the highest score being achieved at 1010 by one of our girls! 

These 7 girls have worked so so hard to achieve these amazing results despite the most testing conditions in their lives and homes- having no running water or electricity, no parents, no support from home, and often nowhere to study apart from within school. 

All donations for the College & University Fund will provide the following per month:

Registration Fee
Tuition Fee
Books and stationery
Portable torch to study at home

Ideally, £75 per month will cover all of the above per student, but any consistent donation on a monthly basis will be gratefully received and utilised in the most economical way and matched with another sponsor to complete the total amount.

They operate a 100% donation policy. 

All projects are eligible for Sadaqah, Zakah and Lillah.

Pls contact Mushtaq Welfare Trust on   and click on the College & University Fund to donate or call on 07885242147 for more information or pay directly into the MWT bank account using the College and University Fund as reference 

Mushtaq Welfare Trust
Natwest Bank
Sort Code 01-09-78
Account Number 62554646

From Sahl bin Sa’ad (may Allah be pleased with him), he said: “The Messenger of Allah sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said: “I and the one who looks after an orphan will be like this in Paradise,” showing his middle and index fingers and separating them.” [Sahih al-Bukhari].

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Consider joining the National Trust

Many of our walks are on National Trust properties. These are some of the most beautiful gardens, parks and walk ways that have been carefully looked after for the current generation of people to enjoy. By becoming a member you are investing in the future so that others after us can benefit too. It only costs £5.95 per month (or £10 for a family) and means parking is usually free. You don't have to become a National Trust member to go on the walks but then you may need to pay for parking which is usually £7 each time you go. You also have to pay extra to go to the exotic gardens too if you are not a member.

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